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About us


The Folklore Ensemble VRANOVCAN ranks among the top Slovak folklore ensembles. In its activities it has devoted itself to identification, collection, preservation and public presentation of the rich folklore heritage embodied in various folklore customs and habits, songs and dances pertaining to the eastern Slovak regions Saris and Zemplin.

Since it was founded the ensemble has delivered over 1650 performances at various folklore festivals, celebrations, folklore parades and competitions at home and abroad. During its 92 trips abroad, has performed and has given more than 376 performances in 22 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

At present, VRANOVCAN has 65 members and consists of music, dance and song sections. The members of the folklore ensemble are young people between 14 and 30 years of age. Because of their talent and enthusiasm VRANOVCAN has brought joy and pleasure arising from folklore art to numerous audiences at home and abroad.

The management

Director and choreographer:
Stefan Kocak

Artistic leader and choreographer:
Peter Kocak

The leader of the music section:
Ing. Lubomir Galis

Dance instructors:
Peter Tichy

Mgr. Nadezda Demetrova

Administration manager:
Mgr. Eva Nagyova

Care costumes:
Helena Kocakova

PhDr. Slavomir Kmec

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