Vranovcan offers

The repertoire of The Folklore Ensemble Vranovcan includes local customs and habits, folklore dances and songs of the regions of Zemplin and Saris. Particular dances, songs and music performances are possible to arrange into shorter or longer units according to the area target, time limit or thematic needs of the submitter. The members of The Folklore Ensemble Vranovcan perform in traditional costumes and the dancers change their costumes according to the characteristics of a particular dance and its specific place of origin.


  • Full-length programme of songs, music and dances with the maximum duration of performances: 120 minutes.
  • Chamber and scenic programme with the maximum duration of performances: 60 minutes.
  • Programme of folklore music and song sections with the duration of performances according to agreement
  • Various performances at balls, parties, weddings, jubilee or anniversaries – the length of the programme according to agreement
The price of the performances depends on the duration of the programme, the number of people involved (minimum one pair of dancers) and travelling expenses.

In case you are interested in our offer, please, email us or contact us by phone or post. All the necessary information can be found in the CONTACT section. The ensemble’s promotional material (leaflet, bulletin, posters, CDs) is also available.

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