In the north–eastern corner of Slovakia, at the confluence of the Topla and Ondava rivers, lies the town of Vranov nad Toplou (population 25 000). For over 730 years this town has been tightly bound with the ethnic regions of Zemplin a Saris.

It was here where an amateur folklore ensemble VRANOVCAN was founded in 1968. In its activities it has devoted itself to identification, collection, preservation and public presentation of the rich folklore heritage embodied in various folklore customs and habits, songs and dances pertaining to the eastern Slovak regions of Saris and Zemplin.

FS Vranovcan 1600 members,
1650 performances,
92 trips abroad,
22 countries
Europe, Asia, Africa a America

More than 1600 young people have had a chance to develop their talent and spent their free time sensibly. Since it was founded the ensemble has delivered over 1650 performances at various folklore festivals, celebrations, folklore parades and competitions at home and abroad. During its 92 trips abroad, has performed and has given more than 376 performances in 22 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

The Folklore Ensemble VRANOVCAN has earned important national awards in national competitions of the folklore ensembles in different categories (theme choreography, choreographies, solo dances) for the dances Verbunk, Prebudenie, Vasilovo cifry, Duplovana, Krucena, Parchovensky cardas, Strarodavna krucena. VRANOVCAN has earned one of the major prizes in a quite demanding national competition of folklore songs ‘GRAND PRIX of music composer Svetozar Stracina‘.

Two time winnerIn the year 2002, the group won the first prize in both categories and became a two time winner for the first time in the history of the competition. No other Slovak folklore group had ever achieved that before.

The ensemble has released 4 CD albums and 2 audio cassettes containing songs and dances from around the region of Vranov nad Toplou. The group has appeared several times on the Slovak Television and Slovak Radio. In 2002, with the help of regional association ‘Nove Milenium‘, Folklore Ensemble VRANOVCAN has published COLLECTION OF FOLKLORE SONGS from around the region of Vranov nad Toplou for basic schools and all the folklore lovers.


Guest choreographers, dancers, collaborators

† Mikulas Vasil – the bearer of folklore traditions, dancer – Posa, Slovakia
Mikulas Senko – actor – Presov, Slovakia
† Juraj Saffa – the bearer of folklore traditions, dancer – Dlhe Klcovo, Slovakia
† Melania Nemcova – choreographer – Bratislava, Slovakia
Dr. Pedro Alfonso – the member of executive committee of C.I.O.F.F., The President of Latin–American and Caribbean folklore, Mexico
Daniela Pastekova – dance pedagogue – Bratislava, Slovakia
Michal Dzupin – dancer – Presov, Slovakia
Milan Hvizdak – choreographer – Michalovce, Slovakia
Ferenc Ronay – choreographer – Satoraljaujhely, Hungary
I. I. Suslikov – choreographer – Uzhorod, Ukraine
Ing. Vladimir Urban – choreographer – Kosice, Slovakia
Ivan Pasteliak – choreographer – Uzhorod, Ukraine
Mgr. Art. Pavel Butor – choreographer – Bratislava, Slovakia
Michal Hirko – dancer and bearer of folklore traditions – Secovska Polianka, Slovakia

The management

Director and choreographer:
Stefan Kocak

Artistic leader and choreographer:
Peter Kocak

The leader of the music section:
Ing. Lubomir Galis

Dance instructors:
Peter Tichy

Mgr. Nadezda Demetrova

Administration manager:
Mgr. Eva Nagyova

Care costumes:
Helena Kocakova

PhDr. Slavomir Kmec

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